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 Rule Layout FINAL EDIT

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PostSubject: Rule Layout FINAL EDIT   Sat Nov 16, 2013 6:23 pm

Here In *FA* We Have Simple Yet Complex Rules, We DO Expect You To Respect The Rules And Help Aid *Final Alliance* Any Way Possible.
1st Encroachment
4 Hour Ban For Activities Such As
Clan Scrimmages, Clan Battles, Livestreaming & Parties/Squads
2nd Encroachment 
1 Day Ban For Activities & Events Such As
Clan Scrimmages, Clan Battles, Livestreaming & Parties/Squads, Training Sequences
3rd Encroachment
Kicked From The Clan And Lose ALL Progress Such As
1. No Spamming Chat 
2. No Disrespect Towards ANY Members In The Clan
3. If There Are People Trying To Rebel Report It To Any Of The Staff
4. No Hacks / Glitching / Exploits 
5. Anyone Can Recruit!
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PostSubject: Re: Rule Layout FINAL EDIT   Sun Nov 17, 2013 7:35 pm

thats a good way this is going to work out.....

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Rule Layout FINAL EDIT
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