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Year 7

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*Final Alliance* Soldiers, The Republic of GOR Are NOT Enemies We Forged An Alliance With Them, alas JOG However... They Have Requested To Go To War... Keep Your Duties Lively Or We Wont Be Able To Survive
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 *FA* Past And Present - "Every Beginning Starts With A Spark"

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*FA* Past And Present - "Every Beginning Starts With A Spark" Empty
PostSubject: *FA* Past And Present - "Every Beginning Starts With A Spark"   *FA* Past And Present - "Every Beginning Starts With A Spark" EmptyMon Mar 04, 2013 2:06 am

"The Beginning Of All Things Start With A Spark"

*Final Alliance* Has Been Around Since Febuary 28th, 2007 As A Older SOCOM 2 Clan; Ultimate SOCOM on Aether, They Were The Start Of It All When Erik568 Joined The Clan Things Were Going Well, One Day The Leader Decided To Quit Playing And Held A Post-Tournament To See Who Would Become The New Leader, As Of There Were Almost 200 Members One Lucky Member Would Have It All, Erik568 Tested Himself And Joined The Tournament, Half The Clan Disagreed That I Would Make It As The Leader As Of I Was 12 And Joined 5 Months Prior But I Tried and After Slaying Down Everyone I Got The Leader Spot And Lead USoA.

*Final Alliance*'s Reckoning

But Then Times Changed As CoD4 Came Out And Then USoA Switched From SOCOM 2 To CoD4.   2 Years Later CoD4 Started Getting Boring, And MW2 Came Out And Then USoA Turned Into *FA* Thanks To Veteran Player Pryda_V & Kev, Then We Signed Up For MLG Had Our Reputation Up To 50% and Had $75,000 after 10 MLG Tournaments. When Black Ops Came Out *FA* Continued Playing MW2 And Conquered It All.

"Every Kingdom Dies... ...Which Kingdom Lasts Longer"

And Then It Came Down To It *FA* Has Died And Their Memories Were In Vain On October 22nd 2010 The Clan Died.
Pryda_V: Decided To Stop Playing And Focused On His Life.

Kev: Decided To Leave After pryda_V To Find Another Clan.

Erik568: Joined MILLENEUM On December 12th 2009 Secretly Knowing *FA* Wouldnt Last Long. Then Later Joined 4 Other Clans.

And Then On 7/17/12 Erik Jumpstarted *FA* Once Again.

*Final Alliance* Ps3 Getting Old? - Going Back To The Origins Of PC?

Erik Retired Playing On The Ps3 Console On 2/20/13, He Gave All Command To Kayoken32 & Confederate7108 To Lead *FA* On Black Ops 2, Erik Has Opened Up A New Division On The PC And Extended *FA* To Call Of Duty: World At War, Cross Fire, BATTLEFIELD PLAY4FREE & Star Wars: The Old Republic.

*Final Alliance*'s Future On Consoles

When Playstation 4 Comes Out, *Final Alliance* Will Compete Hard And Will Enjoy Another 6 Years Of Console Gaming Once Again, Until Then They Will Remain On The PC Mainly And Sub The Ps3.

*Final Alliance* - 2008 - Present

Reigned 4 Years After SOCOM 2

Played 20 Generic Games

Packed In $75,000 USD in MLG

Placed 256-57 Clan  Battle Wins

Killed And Accepted Somewhat 50 Clans

Never Had A Running Website.

They Finished Bravely...

...The Other Members...

They Joined Other Clans And Enjoyed *FA* For When It Lasted, Some Have Other Games And Consoles *FA* Never Played And Some Played SOCOM 2 Still Or SOCOM CONFRONTATION, But The Best thing... ...Erik Still Has Communications With The Older Members...

The Great Divide - Judgement Day 2013 - Present

*Final Alliance* Lived In Luxury For Sometime Playing Call Of Duty Black Ops 2 picking up random people but never really went anywhere, it was getting annoying they were down on their luck so they all voted to switch the name of the clan 5 times... it got worse at THIS time there were only 10 members... the council members and with one of them, Mayhem300 bouncing between MoH & *FA* it was getting annoying.
 so on *Final Alliance*'s Birthday 7/12/13 *FA* Announced Their Unofficial Closing. Erik was anonymously running around the Gaming Universe looking for a clan he looked at Fariko Impact - They Didnt Fit His System QS only clan... 2eZ Gaming - Erik Had A Bad Headset And It Annoyed The Members. He Left... Alliance HQ - A Clan That Was An Offspring Of *FA* Run By A Failed Member Megaminniman, Erik Without-A-Doubt Left Cause There Was No Future... And Finally EWYK / APEX Assassins - A Clan That Was Promising To Erik, He Was Awarded Co Clan Leader Position And Was In Harmony With The Leader And Its Members... Erik Left The Clan When Everyone Acted Retarded...

 The Great Divide - Judgement Day 2013 - Present Part 2.

1 Week Before The Playstation 4 Midnight Launch Happened Erik568 Was Playing Modern Warfare 3 And Came Across An Old Friend pipeliner69er, He Was Proudly Wearing The *FA* Tag Presumed That I Was Dead And "Wore The Tag In Honor Of My Death" Erik Took Control Of *FA* Once More And Relieved Pipeliner Of His Duty.
*Final Alliance* Easily Went Next-Generation The Day The Ps4 Came Out They Play 3 Core Games Blacklight: Retribution, BATTLEFIELD 4 & Ghost Recon Online We Shall See If They Survive
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*FA* Past And Present - "Every Beginning Starts With A Spark" Empty
PostSubject: Re: *FA* Past And Present - "Every Beginning Starts With A Spark"   *FA* Past And Present - "Every Beginning Starts With A Spark" EmptySun Nov 17, 2013 9:37 pm

Best playere every mayhem and vulcid unstoppable team here!!!!!!

Don't be fear,Fear with get you know where.
Turn your failures into success!!!!
Never back down to anything or anyone!!!!!!
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*FA* Past And Present - "Every Beginning Starts With A Spark"
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